© Govind p Garg PhotoID# 3580260: Tango Dancers, 2007 Argentina (5)
In 2007, I spent a week in Buenos Aires. This cosmopolitain city has many diverse cultures and people, which inspired my photographs of the area

Bhutan (1)
I have some wonderful Photos from this mystical country located at the foot hills of Himalayas,just below Tibet. The unique Budhist culture is very interesting to photograph, especialy the people.I liked the landscapes as well , which has Unique mustard colors in Spring.

Brazil (18)
These photos were taken in february of 2002. Many of these are from Carnival du Brazil. They were taken by Leica camera on fuzi Velvia with Strove. I have printed some of them in Cibachrome. Some of my 20x24 ciba prints were exhibited in a gallery during Photo-septiembre 2002 in Sanantonio.

China (11)
I visited China, for three weeks, in the Fall of 2004, with a photographic group. I attempted to capture the essence of China and the Chinese people. In my travels I took over 600 images, in a 6X7 slide format, some of which are shown here.

Europe (10)
These photographs were taken on various trips to Europe.

Flowers (1)

Guatamala (9)
These were taken in Antigua and Chichi-Castneanga, Guatamala in September of 2001.

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India. (27)
Being born in India, I have familiarity with culture of India.I had great success in photographing people in India. I also have some wonderful Landscapes from there.

Landscapes (46)
Many of these were taken with Mamiya 6x7 and Hasselblad cameras using various Lenses. I have printed most of them in Cibachrome(Ilfochrome). Many of these were exhibited in various galleries in U.S.

Morocco (15)
These are the photographs taken during my last trip to Morocco in October of 2002.

People (11)
I love photogrphing People from all over the world.I was trained as a Portrait Photographer, and I studied this art with some of the best Portrait Photographer in the world. My passion for Portrait shows even in my Landscapes.Mostly I try to capture People in their own cultural surroundings,often unposed.

Peru (15)
I was in Peru in March of 2002 as a health care volenteer,working in a hospital.I took some time off and went to cusco and visited Machu Pichu. I also photographed some landscapes at higher altitude which were so different and colorful.The markets in Peru were full of colors. I loved photographing people in markets with my wide angle lens from a very close distance. I always had conversations with them in Spanish. It was a lot of fun.

© Govind p Garg PhotoID# 3578193: African Baskets, 2007 South Africa (5)
I visited Cape Town, South Africa in March, 2007. I especially enjoyed photographing the markets with their colorful people and wares. I used a wide angle lens, which made it easy to communicate with the people, while taking the photographs.

Vietnam (19)
I visited Vietnam in 2000 as a health care volenteer. While I was there I had opportunity to photograph the People and Landscapes of Vietnam.


© Govind p Garg

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